Why am I being charged sales tax?

Sales tax is charged based on the final destination an order is being shipped to. If you do not have a resale certificate on file with PALECEK for the state listed as the final destination, you will be subject to sales tax.

If you have a resale certificate exempting your business from sales tax, please send to the Credit Department.

Where do I send my resale certificate?

Resale certificates can be emailed to the Credit Department. Please include your business name and PALECEK account number to expedite processing.

How do I obtain PALECEK’s W9?

Please send a request via email for our current W9.

Will I receive a monthly statement?

Customers with open positive balances will be emailed a monthly statement to the primary email listed on the account.

How do I request an invoice?

Invoice can be found online in the Order Portal. You may also request an invoice by emailing us or calling 510 236-7730 X6772. Initial invoices are emailed the night of shipping and will included tracking information.

How do I contact the credit department?

The Credit department can be reached via email at or via phone (510) 236-7730 X6772 Monday – Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm PST.

How do I request a refund for a Credit Memo or overpayment?

Refund request should be made via email. The refund will be credited to the original form of payment, and a receipt will be sent. If the original form of payment was a check, please confirm in the email who to make the refund check payable to and provide the mailing address. Refunds take approximately two weeks for processing.

Can I keep my credit card on file for future orders?

Yes, however PALECEK can only auto-release orders if you have one card on file. If you have multiple cards on file, your orders will be placed on hold for prepayment until you advise which card should be charged.

When will my credit card get charged?

Any requested deposits are charged immediately. 50% deposits are required for customized or COM orders. Prepay orders and final balances are typically charged just prior to shipping.

How do I send an ACH or wire payment?

To expedite processing, email us to advise which sales order numbers are being paid.

Bank of Marin
180 Grand Ave, Ste 1545
Oakland CA, 94612
Account Name PALECEK
ABA# 121141877
Account # 21302666
Special Instructions Customer Name/Acct #/Invoices being paid

Account Name PALECEK
ABA# 121141877
Account # 21302666
Swift Code MRRNUS66
Special Instructions Customer Name/Acct #/Invoices being paid

If I have Net 30 terms, can I pay with credit card?

PALECEK does not accept credit cards for accounts granted terms.

I have Net 30 terms, why am I being asked to pay a 50% deposit?

Palecek may request a 50% deposit for orders that are significantly over an account’s established credit limit.

Does PALECEK charge a fee for using a credit card?

No, we do not charge a fee for using a credit card. Not all account types are eligible to pay by credit card and some order limits may apply. For eligibility information, please contact the Credit Department.