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Explore PALECEK’s unique lighting. Our offerings include unexpected, handcrafted chandeliers and pendants, sconces, flush mounts, table lamps, floor lamps, and outdoor lighting inspired by the intrinsic beauty of natural materials.


Lighting has profound impact on spaces. So a memorable fixture can give a room a warm, pleasant glow. It invites relaxation or celebration. Moreover, insufficient or harsh lighting often has the opposite effect—causing those who enter to quickly exit. Because excellent and poor lighting choices are both noticeable from the first moment you spend in a space, it is one of the most critical decisions you will make while designing a space.

As you know, talented designers are crafting an experience. With this in mind, the first step in achieving the desired your space’s desired effect is to choose the best lighting for the space.


Yet it is equally critical for designers should consider the dimensions of the space. A large-scale chandelier like the Selita Oval Chandelier might be an ideal fit for a large dining room or a grand entrance. In contrast, for more compact spaces, pieces like the Everly Pendant Small create an air of elegance.


Frequently, we recommend using well-placed lighting to create the illusion of a larger room. The right chandelier or pendant hanging from the ceiling naturally extends the vertical lines. Similarly, an elevated series of sconces on the walls often creates depth. For example, one way to create dynamic movement is by layering pendants of different lengths to expand the vertical height of the room and draw the eye to a crucial focal point.


Conversely, small details are significant when it comes to lighting. PALECEK offers lighting made from a wide array of natural materials. For example, the Selita Chandelier features tiny coco beads that are hand-sewn into draping ribbons. The Everly Pendant is crafted from natural fine abaca rope. The Bronson Glass Sconces is crafted from hand-blown rippled glass shades accented with antique brass and natural jute rope.


Explore the full range of PALECEK’s Indoor and Outdoor Lighting.

Learn more about PALECEK’s Outdoor Furniture program.

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