What is the difference between standard, deluxe and outdoor cushions?

  • Written by
    Rami Lulu
  • Last updated August 9, 2022

Standard cushions are constructed for those who desire a firm seat.

  • The cushion is covered with a fiber back sewn polyester wrap.
  • A Dacron (polyester) fiber is wrapped around the foam to create softness yet maintain firmness.
  • We use Polyurethane High Resilience Foam. The highest quality foam available, it meets California 117-2013 flammability requirements without flame retardant chemicals and is strong, comfortable and made to last.

Deluxe cushions combine the finest quality materials to provide soft conforming comfort with broad styling flexibility. (More appropriate for residential use)

  • Cotton ticking allows ample air permeability.
  • Fill is 100% Dacron polyester “Comfort Cluster.” This microfiber material mimics the feel of down with no odor or proteins to support micro-organisms, making it allergy-free. The fiber is manufactured to ensure consistency, unlike natural fill blends that vary in cleanliness and content. Cluster fiber should be frequently fluffed like down to maintain loft.
  • “Comfort Cluster” fill pockets surround the foam core, and each is filled equally to maintain consistently luxurious comfort in each cushion. Back cushions are made entirely from “Comfort Cluster” fill with foam core.
  • PALECEK uses Polyurethane High Resilience Foam. It is the highest quality foam available and meets California 117-2013 flammability requirements without flame retardant chemicals. It is strong and comfortable and is made to last.

Note: All loose back cushions are filled with polyester fiber.

Outdoor furniture comes with specific outdoor cushions.

  • QuickDryFoam® is wrapped with polyester fiber material.
  • QuickDryFoam® is composed of large, reticulated cell that allows it to dry quickly. It uses UREGARD built-in anti-microbial protection, which prohibits growth of common molds and fungus in cushions even when left outdoors for long periods of time.